After becoming a Mom in 2014 I was struggling to find the new "mommy" me. I needed outfits that were both fashionable, comfortable and that allowed me to run around all day with my babies . Being a Mom with 2 small kids I still struggle to get ready each day and feel like I am a cute, trendy mom. 
I started a Facebook group where we as wives, soon to be wives, and moms, can share our #ootd, ask for outfit advice, share sales and deals, our favorite stores, and anything else many women need help with finding something to wear! Because we all know, #thestruggleisreal.
My Facebook group grew faster than I ever anticipated and the women that are a part of my group are incredible. We all motivate each other, are quick to answer questions, and know how to make each other look and feel beautiful!  
We are all wives and moms and we love comfortable and fashionable outfits. This is where the t-shirt designing started. We are a generation that loves speaking our minds and what better way than to display our thoughts on our comfortable shirts!
This small business venture has been so fun and I love knowing that we can help each other and ask questions and recommendations. I know that everyone that has gotten a Mom Life or Wife Life shirt loves it (and I love mine) so I wanted to continue making more! 
Thanks for making Wives' Closet what it has become today!